The world’s most urgent problem is caused by over-population. Do you agree or disagree?

(15/09) The world’s most urgent problem is caused by over-population. Do you agree or disagree?


Some people argue that a majority of pressing global issues are engendered by population explosion. In my opinion, I completely agree with this point of view for some reasons.

One vexing problem worth mentioning is the chronic shortage of housing in many major cities worldwide, especially in densely populated areas in the city center. The primary cause of such an issue is the massive influx of rural migrants who flock to cities in search of better job or education opportunities. Exemplary examples include Bejing or Ho Chi Minh where government have made enormous efforts to combat the overcrowding issue but fall to gain a satisfactory result.

Another problem is pollution and climate change, triggered mainly by the burgeoning global population. When many residents inhabit a place, their daily activities tend to do great harm to surroundings, either accidentally or deliberately. For example, households can dump their waste directly into lakes and rivers, or consume too many plastic bags, which leads to an increment in the landfill site whereas deforestation can increase the global temperature tremendously. Worse still, coupled with the ever-increasing size of population the problem seems to exacerbate.

Other global issues such as food security, illiteracy or poor healthcare are just amongst the many problems that are caused by the uncontrolled growth of population. If there were few people on this Earth, food supplies can be sufficient to feed the population, or there would be enough schools for children to go to, and hospitals could adequately cater to the needs of patients when they are ill

In conclusion, I totally agree with the view that it is over-population that it is over-population that triggers the many above-mentioned issues; therefore, actions should be taken to slow down population growth worldwide.

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