Share Grammarly premium accounts

[Share Grammarly premium accounts]
Hi guys, I have learned IELTS by myself and got 7.5 overall after 8 months from the scratch. During the time I was studying, I figured out that Grammarly could help me to correct my essays and offer many useful functions (let’s find out by yourselves), but If you don’t have premium accounts, it just shows some “advanced” mistakes and doesn’t fix them. This is kind of disadvantage, so now let me help you to address this f*cking issue by offering 5 free ones here (just use and please don’t change the account, I will renew them every week. In case you change the password, you get it but you’ll end up with regular account after 7 days. Nothing more! )

password: hoangminh




password: hoangminh.orgg

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4 Responses

  1. Giangbrave says:

    Perfectt, thanks a lottt

  2. khangvu104 says:

    hình như acc này chưa phải acc premium a nhỉ, e log vào nó đòi TK ngân hàng mới đc premium

    • Hoàng Minh says:

      Hiện tại Grammarly đã dừng chương trình này nên a đang tìm cách khác, tạm thời sử dụng phiên bản thường vẫn tốt em nhé
      Anh đã nhận được email của em. Sẽ rep sớm nhan!

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