Did you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages?

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It is argued that the benefits of the auto outstrip its drawbacks. However, I disagree with this view.

On the one hand, cars certainly have some benefits to our society. The principal benefit is that this four-wheel vehicle offers people high levels of mobility and convenience. For example, nowadays it is easier than ever to travel from and to places in a short period of time and especially if there are elderly or disabled and sick members in families, they could go together. The other major benefit is that the automobile industry has proved to be a highly profitable business which provided millions of job opportunities to society as a whole and paves the way for a robust economic growth. This is why India has promoted so many automobile manufacturing companies and low-energy countries like Japan allocate vast resources for research and development of cars.

On the other side, I believe that using of cars definitely have more drawbacks than benefits. Firstly, as the human population increases dramatically, the number of this kind of vehicle also grows at a rapid rate, resulting in many serious environmental problems. In metropolitan areas such as Hanoi capital, for example, with at least five thousand cars registered, air pollution has reached alarming levels and studies showed that massive amounts of car emissions are the main culprit. Secondly, having too many cars on roads might lead to heavily congested conditions, affecting human activities. Indeed, as more and more people drive to work rather than walking or cycling, there are heavy traffic jams almost every day and sometimes bumper-to-bumper traffic could not be handled without forcing many drivers to wait in a long line over hours.

In conclusion, although I acknowledge that automobiles play an indispensable part in boosting economy, I do believe it brings far more drawbacks.